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Programme Overview

Spencer Education is a registered Special Education business offering individualised Literacy and Numeracy programmes and one on one tutoring for students experiencing specific learning difficulties. The programmes are suitable for students with Dyslexia, Central Auditory Processing, Visual Processing or Language Processing difficulties, as well as children needing extra support in Literacy and Numeracy. The programmes are taught by a highly qualified and experienced special education teacher.

Research has shown that the underlying core deficit of students experiencing difficulties learning to read, is the lack of phonemic awareness, that is, the lack of knowledge of the sound system of the English Language and the combinations of letters that represent the 44 sounds. Thus, the programme devised for Literacy intervention is phonic based and applied in a highly structured and multi – sensory way. Each child’s programme is individualised to suit the learning needs of that particular child.

Children love their one on one tutoring session as they receive all the attention they need with plenty of positive reinforcement. Children grow in confidence as they master the important skills necessary to be successful Literacy and Numeracy learners.

The Programme offers:-

  • Literacy and Numeracy Intervention programmes for children with specific learning difficulties
  • One hour sessions of tutoring on a one on one basis with a special education teacher
  • Evidence based teaching approaches and techniques
  • Standardized assessments and follow up reports every 20 weeks
  • Specially devised programmes to suit an individual child’s particular needs
  • Home programmes to reinforce concepts
  • Consultation and support for parents to enable them to understand their child’s learning difficulty and how they can best support their child’s learning and organizational skills
  • Liaison with schools and specialists if necessary
  • Resources and materials required for the programme to be implemented effectively are provided
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